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List of Orientation / Refresher Courses (Academic) Pre-commission / Refresher Courses-NCC

List of Orientation / Refresher Courses (Academic)

                  Date and Venue
           Title of the Course
17, May - 13, June 2007, UGC-ASC, Andhra University,Visakapattanam
   Orientation Course
01-21, Dec 2000, Acharya Nagarjuna University,Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur-522 510
   Refresher Course
    in Mathematics
01-21, Dec 2001, Acharya Nagarjuna University,Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur-522 510.
    Refresher Course
    in Mathematics
21, September - 11, October 2010, UGC-ASC, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad.
    Refresher Course     
    in Human Rights

List of Pre-commission / Refresher Courses-NCC

                  Date and Venue
           Title of the Course
 04, March - 18, May 1996
 Seamanship School, Kochi, Kerala.
    Pre-commission Training.
 30, Sept -  02 , Oct 2002
 INS Circars,  Ministry of Defence, Visakapattanam.

    Refresher Course

 08 - 28 , Sep 2004
 INS Circars,  Ministry of Defence, Visakapattanam.

    Refresher Course 
 01 - 21 , August 2013
 INS Eksila, Ministry of Defence , Visakapattanam.

    Refresher Course 

Others: Research Survey, INSPIRE, Adjudicator, BoS, Industry-Academia ( Academic and NCC )

Research Survey

·      Worked as Research Assistant to undertake the Research Survey in the Southern Tamil            Nadu for the ‘Silver Jubilee Research Study of Caritas India’ conducted by Tata Institute        of Research, Bombay in 1989.

INSPIRE Training Programme served as Mentor

·        Served as a Mentor to guide teachers of INSPIRE Awardees of Krishna District, during one day orientation programme on 25th July, 2016 organized by the State Council of Educationa Research and Training (SCERT), Govt. of  Andhra Pradesh, at Andhra Loyola College.


·               Acted as a judge for the Intercollegiate Paper presentations Competition with   the title 
        “Mathematical Modeling for the betterment of their village/colony in   view of Swachh           Bharat” on 16th December, 2015 at Ch.S.D.St. Theresa’s College for Women, Eluru      
         which was a part of National mathematics Day Celebrations.

·                 Acted as a judge for the State Level Exhibition Competition (Mathematical Models) conducted on 02-10-2016 by Vijnana Vihara English Medium  High School, Nutakki, Guntur, A.P.

Industry-Academia interface on Restructured Courses

·                  Participated in Industry-Academia interface meeting on Restructuring of Courses organized by Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, on 2nd February, 2017 at Andhra Loyola College.

Board of Studies (BoS)

1.         Member of the Board of Studies meeting in Mathematics at KBN College (Autonomous) Vijayawada on 25-03-2010.
2.       Member of the Board of Studies meeting in Mathematics at KBN College  (Autonomous), Vijayawada on 15-03-2011.
3.   Attended the Board of Studies meeting in Mathematics at P. R. Govt. College         (Autonomous), Kakinada on 14-04-2014 for 2014-15.
4.   Member of the XIII Board of Studies meeting in Mathematics at Maris Stella College      (Autonomous), Vijayawada on 27-02-2015.
5.  Attended the Board of Studies meeting in Mathematics at P. R. Govt. College          (Autonomous), Kakinada on 09-04-2015 for 2015-16.
6.   Member of the XIV Board of Studies meeting in Mathematics at Maris Stella College            (Autonomous), Vijayawada on 22-03-2016.
7.   Attended the Board of Studies meeting in Mathematics at Pithapur Rajah's Government    
           College (Autonomous) College (Autonomous), Kakinada on 13-03-2016 for 2016-17.
8.  Member of the XV Board of Studies meeting in Mathematics at Maris Stella College  (Autonomous), Vijayawada on 16-03-2017.

 Served as the quiz master 

·                    Served as the quiz master in the Inter-collegiate Quiz Competition in Mathematics on 18th January, 2017 at Andhra Loyola College Seminar Hall for degree students.

·      Served as the chief guest of the Investiture Ceremony conducted on 7th July 2009  by Delhi Public School, Vijayawada and presented the euplettes, badges and   appointment orders to the   School head boy, head girl and class leaders.

·    Organized Blood Donation camps at NCC unit, Vijayawada. On 28th  November  2004, 21st January 2007 , 22nd November 2009 and19th November 2010.

·      Organized tree Plantation programme at Andhra Loyola College on 25-08-2010.

·      Organized Pulse polio awareness programme, Adult Literacy, Clean & Green and Collect funds for Ex-service men’s family.

·      Trained NCC cadets in participating “each one teach one”, Literacy programme at near by places of Andhra Loyola College.

·      Life member of The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI).

·      Board member of Conducting of NCC “B” and “C” Certificate Examination.

·      Served as Officer-in –charge at the Detachment Camp held at Vijayawada                    from 13 - 22,  July 2008, 10 -19 July 2009 and 10 to 19  July 2010   to give                     special training on Boat pulling, Sailing, Swimming, Semaphore, Drill and                     Firing to the Inter Group Competition (IGC) team.

·      Served as Deputy Camp Commandant at the Annual Training Camp VI from 17-2, June 2009 held at Gollapudi, Vijayawada.

·      Organised a guest lecture by Commanding Officer Col MZU Siddiquie on “Role of NCC in  Nation Building” at Andhra Loyola College Seminar hall on 23 Nov 2011.

·      Arranged a visit of the NCC cadets to “Amma vodi” orphanage home situated near Siddartha College on 23 Nov 2011. Cadets spent a day with the children, conducted some activities like sports, games and entertainment and distributed sweets and fruits and shared lunch with them. 

 ·      Participated in the NCC Golden Jubilee Sailing Expedition in River Godavari  from 20, August - 06, September 1998 from Wazedu to Kakinada

·      Attended Attachment to Naval Ships / Establishment Camp held at Kochi from  20th     May – 14th  June 2002.

·      Attended Advanced Leadership Camp in Tuticorin from 22nd December 2007 to 02nd  January 2008.

·  Organized tree Plantation programme at Andhra Loyola College on 05-06-2012 (World       Environment Day) opposite to ALCAA School premises.
·    Served as Deputy Camp Commandant, Training Officer and Camp Adjutant at Combined Annual Training Camp III held at Agricultural Market Yard , Nuzvid from 19 July 2012 to 28 July 2012.       
·      Served as Deputy Camp Commandant and Training Officer at Combined Annual    Training Camp III held at Agricultural Market Yard , Nuzvid  from 18-27 August      2014.   

·     ANO Lt. Cdr. M. Arokiasamy had served as Camp Adjutant and at Combined Annual  Training Camp (CATC VII) held at Agricultural Market Yard, Nuzvid from 28 July to  06 August 2015. 

·      ANO Lt. Cdr. M. Arokiasamy attended training capsule cum conference on “Training the Trainers” at 8(A) Naval Unit from 25th to 27th June 2015, 28th to 30th September 2015, and 01 to 03rd December 2015.


Honors Rreceived

Honors received

·    Adjudged as the Best Naval Wing Associate NCC Officer of Guntur group four times at the NCC day celebrations held in Nov 2004, Dec 2005,  Nov 2008, and Nov 2009.

·    Recognized as the best ship modeler and was presented a gold medal in the           Refresher Course held from 08-09-2004 to 28-09-2004 at INS circars,                   Visakapattanam.
·  Honoured with Fr.Principal’s Appreciation Award  2009-10 on 06-02-2010  at  the  college day annual celebrations.

·  Awarded the Best performer in Parade and stood first in cross country in the  Refresher Training Course for Associate NCC Officers at INS Eksila,Visakapattanam held  from  01 - 21 , August 2013 organized by Ministry of Defence, India.

·     Promoted to the next Highe(st)r rank lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr) with effect from   22nd Aug  2013. 

 ·  Under my headship, for the first time the performance of the Department of      Mathematics was recognized and received
 (i)   the Second Best Association of the year award in 2005-06 and

   (ii)   the Best Association of the year award in 2006-07 and 2007-08.

Workshop / Seminar Organized / Conducted

 Workshop / Seminar Organized / Conducted

·  Organized an Inter–Collegiate Quiz competition in Mathematics for Intermediate students of Krishna District on 28th November 2003 as part of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Andhra Loyola College and also acted as the Quiz Master for the same.

·     Conducted the XXXVII National Mathematics Talent Test -preliminary on  03-09-2005 and final test on 22-10-05.

·      Organized an industrial visits to Vijaya Diary on 09-09-2005, 10-11-2006 and 28-08-2007.

·      Organized talks on Research Methodology on 13-09-2005, 26-08-2006 and 14-09-2007.

·      Organized an Inter-Collegiate Seminar on “Applications of Algebraic Structures, Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics” on 26-11-2005: Resource person -Prof. M. Seetharamayya, from central university, Hyderabad.        

·      Conducted Mathematics Olympiad on 30-11-2005.

·      Organized Inter-Collegiate Mathematics Quiz for Degree Students on 06-12-2005.

·      Organized a talk on Yoga for Youth on 07-01-2006: Resource person - Br. Bhikshmaih, Zonal incharge of Sahag Marg.

·      Organized an Educational Tour to Visakapattanam from 25-01-2006 to 29-01-2006.

·      Conducted the XXXVIII National Mathematics Talent Test -preliminary on 03-09-2006 and final test on 28-10-06.

·      Organized a National level Students’ seminar on “Applications of Mathematics” on 29 – 30, November 2006.

·      Conducted an Inter state Mathematical Talent Search Competitions on 03-12-2006.

·      Organized a State level Quiz Competition for Degree Students on 07 – 08, Dec 2006.

·      Organized Career Guidance to Students of Mathematics and statistics on 28-01-     2006, 13-02-2007.

·      Arranged a talk on “Importance of Emotional Intelligence” on 18-02-2007.

·      Organized  Ganitha Ashtavadhana or Octo-Attention in Mathematics performed by Mr.T.S.V.S.Surya Narayana Murthy on 17th August 2007.

·      Conducted the XXXVIX National Mathematics Talent Contest -preliminary on 25-08- 2007 and final test on 27-10-2007.

·      Organized a Guest lecture on “Solved and Unsolved Problems in number Theory” on 13-09-2007: Recourse person- Mr.D.Jagan Mohan Rao, renewed author and recipient of Dr.Sanjeeva Raya Sarma Mathematics award.

·      Organized an “Interschool Mathematics Quiz Competition” on 20-09-2007.

·      Organized Career Guidance on “Today’s Opportunities and Industry Interface” on  27-11-2007 : Resource person - Mr. MNRV .Prasad, branch head, ICFAI, explained the career opportunities to the III year  degree Mathematics students.

·      Organized a National level Intercollegiate Mathematics Quiz Competition for degree students on 04-12-2007.

·      Organized a National level Students’ Seminar on “Mathematics and its Impact on Life” on 05 – 06, Dec 2007.

·      Organized an invited talk on “Origin and its application of Group Theory” on 07-12-2007 : Resource person-  Mr.S.Subhakar, Head, Dept of Mathematics, Nobel College , Machllipatnam.

·      Arranged an Educational Tour to Visakhapatnam for III B.Sc students from 07-12-2007 to 09-12-2007.

·      Organized a State level Students’ Seminar on “Entertainment and Enlightment through Mathematics” on 18-12-2007.

·      Arranged an Educational Tour to Srisailam for III B.Sc students from 20 -21, Dec 2007.

·      Conducted MATHEMATICS EXPO-2008 from 01-02-2008 to 02-02-2008 - 160 Mathematical and 40 statistical models were exhibited.

·      Conducted a guest lecture on “Fields’ Medal” on 06-02-2008: Resource Person- Mr.K.M.Sastry, former Head of the Department of Mathematics and State Best Teacher awardees of Andhra Loyola College.

·      Conducted Andhra Loyola Mathematics Aptitude Test (ALMAT) on 13-02-2008 for intermediate and degree students.

·      Organized Career Guidance on “Today’s Opportunities and Industry Interface” on  27-11-2014 : Resource person – Dr. T. Sri Kumar, explained all the possible areas where carrer opportunities are available for Mathematics students.

·     Arranged an exhibition with many Mathematical models, Mathematical working models, and charts related to school level topics during INSPIRE-Orientation to guide teachers of INSPIRE Awardees 2016 on 25-07-2016.

·     Organized Ganitha Ashtavadhana (or Octo-Attention in Mathematics) on 06th December 2016 at Andhra Loyola College Seminar Hall. Mr.T.S.V.S.Surya Narayana Murthy was the resource person for this event. 210 students of II and III year Mathematics students attended this programme. The purpose of this programme was to remove fear of mathematics from the minds of students and inspire them with techniques to improve concentration and retention skills.

·     Arranged a guest lecture on “Glimpses of Indian Mathematics” on 16th December 2016. Dr. Prabha Satyanarayana Sarma, Mathematics methodology Lecturer in Montissori Mahila College of Education, Vijayawada, was the resource person.

·     Arranged an educational tour to Amaravathi, the capital of new Andhra Pradesh state on 19-12-2016. The master plans to develop the capital Amaravathi by the state government was explained to students so that when they visit Amaravathi after its full development will be able to admire the way it has been built from scratches to sky scrapers.

·     Screened a feature film “The man who knew infinity” which describes the life, struggle and achievements of the great Indian Mathematician Sri. Srinivasa Ramanujan and his contribution to Mathematics in commemoration of the “National Mathematics Day” on 22.12.2016. B. Sc and M. Sc Mathematics students at Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada watched this movie and got inspired. The purpose of screening this movie is to motivate and inspire young students to develop passion for learning Mathematics.

·     An Inter-collegiate Quiz Competition in Mathematics was conducted for degree students at our college seminar hall on 18th January, 2017. 22 teams each consisting of three students from neighbouring colleges took part in it. M. Arokiasamy, Department of Mathematics acted as the quiz master.

Workshop Attended

Workshop Attended

1.   Attended National Students Leadership Camp /Effective Communication and teaching from        28-30, December 2010 organised by Xavier Board of Higher Education in India, held at        Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada.

2.    Attended National Workshop on Computer Algebra System  (CAS) held at Bhaskarachary        Pratishthana  (Institute of Mathematics, and  supported by MHRD, Govt. of        India, Pune from 27 -31, January 2011.

3.   Attended UGC-CPE funded staff training programme on “MATLAB” at Andhra Loyola        College, Vijayawada, on 7th April, 2011.

4.   Attended UGC-CPE funded staff training programme on “Effective Use of Resources on        internet for teaching and research”” at Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, on 8th April,        2011.

5.     Participated in the Instructional Workshop on LATEX from19-20, November 2011 organised        by the Department of Mathematics, Maris Stella College, Vijayawada.
6.     Participated in the National Workshop on e-Content Development for Higher Education from        29-31, March 2012 organised by Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum, Christ University,         Bangalore and produced an e-content on “Applications of Graph Theory in Network Field”.

7.     Attended the seminar on MATLAB & Simulink for Engineering Education held at Fortune        Murali Park, Vijayawada on 13th September 2012 organised by  MathWorks India.

8.       Attended Round table on “ the Role of Technology & Innovation in Education Sector” organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and PWC  at Hotel Taj Gateway, Vijayawada on 18 March 2014.

9.      Attended in the two-day Workshop on “Academic Audit Towards Quality assurance” organized by IQAC Cell of Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada on 6th  and 7th of June 2014.

10.     Participated in the U.G.C. Autonomous grant supported one day National seminar on “Role of Human Values in Higher Education for Personal and Professional Excellence” on 1st February, 2017  organized by Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Maris Stella College, Vijayawada.